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About Secret Training

Founder of SIS Science in Sport. Secret Training is the brainchild of European Champion Track Cyclist, Tim Lawson. An elite masters athlete, with over twenty years’ experience in developing the best sports nutrition products, working with athletes from beginners, right up to Olympic medalists and Pro Tour winners.

“Coming from the North West of England where there’s more rainfall than anywhere else in the UK, training in the most extreme of conditions, whether it’s the cross winds of Winter Hill or further afield in the blistering heat of Mount Teide, I needed a range of quality, trustworthy and dependable products, that worked wherever and whenever.” Obsessive and accident prone by his own admission, Tim’s had more than his fair share of spectacular spills which have kept him requiring regular sports therapy to keep him on his trusty steed.



I like to take one juce bar just before the start, isotonic gel every 45 minutes during the race, real fruit towards the final 2 - 3 times. The caffeine one just in case of bad feelings/empty Follow the Cape Epic daily reports
In the bottle my favourite are the big energy pineapple flavour, the best way to have a lot of carbs during the longest one races!

Samuele Porro professional athlete MTB Trek-Pirelli

World class sports nutrition, leaders in the innovative scientific design that has helped many of my athletes to Olympic, World, European, grand tours and classic cycling success

3* Olympic sports scientist & coach Wiggins JW

In the stage races and marathon my favourite nutrition is #bigenergy in the bottle and #isotonicgels and #realfruitgels mixed comes to a total carbs of 80-90g/h Follow Fabian and Samuel at the Cape Epic 2021

Fabian Rabensteiner professional MTB @Trek-Pirelli

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